Waving Wednesday 3

31/07/2013 § 4 Comments

The final Waving Wednesday challenge is upon us. If it follows the pattern of the previous two, we will soon discover just who is desperate to avoid paying for a signed copy of Waving, Not Drowning.

For those of you new to the whole thing, here are links:

The Book: www.wavingnotdrowningbook.com

The results of the previous challenges: Waving Wednesday 1 & Waving Wednesday 2.

For this final one, I hope to encourage you to exercise the brain cells just that little bit more. Your task, should you wish to accept it, is to come up with a dictionary definition for ‘conductor’.

Usual rules apply: keep it clean. We are a family show (although we occasionally link to material that isn’t — see below).

And on this occasion, please keep them short – the pithier the better.

If you’re after inspiration, here are a few definitions from The Urban Dictionary (CAUTION: CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE OF BOTH A MUSICAL AND A SEXUAL NATURE)

Previous Waving Wednesday winners may enter if they wish, but they won’t win.

We’ll be back to normal (or what counts for normal around here) soon.

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§ 4 Responses to Waving Wednesday 3

  • mterjan says:

    OK, here are a few wild stabs (for some reasons I associate “wild stabs” with conductors).

    * Failed percussionist.
    * One who is fed up of lugging a musical instrument around (which explains why so few piccolo players become conductors)
    * Person who gets applause for others’ work
    * Stickwaver

    Actually, the real reason is that, during a particularly histrionic performance by the maestro during a Royal prom concert, Queen Victoria was overheard saying “Is that any way to conduct oneself in public?”, and the label stuck.

    An alternative derivation comes from the USA. During a performance of R Fundernername’s opera “Filipino Corner” (orig. Die Flippeneck) in one of the first concerts in an electrically lit opera house, the conductor touched a low-hanging cable with a dramatic upbeat and electrocuted himself. Interesting piece of trivia: Sir Simon Rattle models his hairstyle in tribute to this accident.

    Pithy? Oh.

  • Charles says:

    n an excuse for a musician; a waiver.

  • Charles says:

    n a stick man.

  • Charles says:

    n a self-proclaimed musician without an instrument to prove it.

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