‘Tis the season

04/12/2013 § 5 Comments

Hello. Me again.

I’ve been off here for a while. Various reasons.

Sometimes I was on the verge of posting but then realised what I was going to write was pathetic; on other occasions I got halfway through writing something and got distracted by Borgen or something else altogether more worthwhile.

I half-wrote an amusing post about how the car broke down as a result of my devil-may-care attitude to fords. It contained the sentences “I’ve got a trolley jack” and “We’ve had a look, and there’s a leak in the minun ilmatyynyalus on täynnä ankeriaita.”

Oh how you would have laughed, if only I’d had the perseverance to finish it.

Mostly, though, I’ve just been too busy. Hurrah.

Anyway, to the point. I’d like to ask a favour.

You will have had a hard time, if you’re anything close to being connected to me, avoiding the appearance of my book Waving, Not Drowning earlier this year. Quite a few of you have bought it, for which you are in receipt of my refulgent gratitude.

Some of you might even have gone so far as to read it.

If you’re like me, though, it’s probably sitting in the exponentially-expanding “To Be Read” pile.

No matter. Such is life.

If you’re in the “already bought it” group, well, thank you – it really means a lot that people are willing to spend their hard-embezzled cash on the fecund outpourings of my diseased imagination. If you do happen to have read it, and, further, to have enjoyed it, golly gosh I’d be grateful if you felt able to spread the word. The idea, having produced the damn thing, is to sell it, and what with Christmas and everything…

You get the idea.

Even the distribution of a simple link to wavingnotdrowningbook.com, accompanied by a note on the lines of “I have read this and can confirm that it is a book” can work wonders. Or perhaps a brief review here, supposedly the golden key to increased sales. That would be brilliant. Or, if you hated every word of it and used it as a firelighter, perhaps your announcement could be more on the lines of “Buy this book! It burns slowly.”

Of course, if you haven’t bought it yet, well…’tis the season for subtle hints.

Again, you get the idea.

There is, it should hardly need stating, no obligation for anybody to do anything. But if you did – as I say, gratitude of a refulgent nature. Heaps of it.


Oh, and listen to this. It’s about music and that and it’s brilliant.

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