Rhyme and Reason

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A few days ago, a friend kindly drew my attention to a list of words that have no rhyme in the English language. (It should be stressed at this point that the list is not exhaustive – just nice. If you want a ‘complete’ list, go here, although given Wikipedia’s reputation, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the word ‘moon’ in there. They do seem to have nailed it this time, though.)

Anyway, the list was as follows: angst, breadth, bulb, cusp, depth, film, glimpsed, gulf, kiln, month, oblige, opus, orange, pint, plankton, rhythm, silver, width,

There are many reasons to like this list. It contains the much underrated word ‘cusp’, for example. It also contains ‘rhythm’ and ‘yttrium’, two of my favourite ‘Tough Words To Spell That I Mastered At An Early Age For No Known Reason’.

And you’ve got to love any list, whatever its subject matter, that contains the word ‘plankton’, haven’t you?

But mostly I like the list because it gave me the opportunity to compose the following, ineffably silly, ditty:

While baking a pot in a kiln

I was suddenly riven with angst;

Perturbed by its depth

And its width and its breadth

I stopped and went off for a pint.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.

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