Don’t Be A Human

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“You muppet.”

“Oh thanks. Too kind.”

I’ve always been perturbed by the use of ‘muppet’ as a term of abuse. Muppetdom seems to me a wonderful state to which to aspire.

They’re funny, sweet, silly, loveable, a little bit insane and, in some cases, enviably green (Caroline Lucas please note: if you ever want to win an election, adopt the slogan “It’s not easy being Green”)

To gauge whether it would be preferable to be a muppet or a human, here’s a little test:

Would the muppets have caused global warming?

Would the muppets have invented the nuclear bomb (or at least one that worked)?

Would Simon Cowell be allowed to be a muppet?

Well there you go then.

I can’t think of a single muppet I wouldn’t want to spend some time with.

Even Animal (see below)

I seem to remember that The Muppet Show was broadcast in the middle of the turgid wasteland that was Sunday afternoon television in the 1970’s, when the only other ‘entertainment’ that was available was either Arthur Negus singing religious songs or Harry Secombe evaluating antiques.

I might have got that the wrong way round.

Whatever, The Muppet Show was an oasis of insanity and I loved it.

And of course they made one of the best Christmas films ever, which is how I can get away with including them in the Advent Happiness series.

So here are some of my favourite bits, starting with the saddest photograph in the world.

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