What’s It All About?

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So, Lev, what’s your new book about?

dfw-lp-wnd-cover-large‘Oh, right, well I’ve always thought, kind of, that … well, you know those books about conducting, the ones with diagrams and that kind of thing … well it’s not that, I mean it IS about conducting, but I’ve tried to … you see when I first had the idea to write … it was … so it’s … umm … it’s a funny book, well of course who am I to say if it’s funny or not, but I suppose I’m trying to be funny, but not in the kind of ‘are you trying to be funny?’ way … so it’s about conducting, I’ve invented this character and he tells his life story, but it’s also … a sort of spoof thing … gosh is it hot in here?


So, Lev, what’s your new book about?

Why Do Birds final cover‘Oh, right, well my first book was a kind of funny spoofy thing making fun, well not fun exactly, of conducting … but in a kind of friendly way, if you see what I … but then I thought I don’t want to do that again … because some people had said, you see, was I going to write another one … so anyway I thought what else can I write about in a kind of lighthearted but maybe a bit more serious now, but still not a difficult read or anything like that, I mean not ‘serious’ if you see what I mean … so the thing is that when I was a child a was a birdwatcher … well, sort of … anyway, I didn’t do it for a long time, but then I came back to it a few years ago, it sort of crept up on me, so I thought why not write something about birds … well, not just about birds, I mean there’s all sorts of other stuff … oh, is this your stop, ok, see you, I suppose…


‘So, Lev, what’s your new book about?’

I have no idea. Yet.

The crowdfunding campaign for the long and the short of it has just launched on Unbound. What’s it about? You tell me.

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