Contractual obligations and autumn leaves

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When I resurrected this blog a couple of years ago I made a sort of contract with myself. Every Sunday I would sit down and write the blog, almost as if I was some kind of proper writer or something. The contract had one demand and one demand only: I would not miss a week.

And so it came to pass. Go me.

Then at the beginning of this year I upped the ante. In one of those moments of New Year madness, I looked at our shelves and saw a lot of cookery books that were just sitting there, some of them unopened in what we’ll call in the interests of hyperbole LITERALLY DECADES. So as well as the weekly post about nature and music and general doodah, I pledged to do an equally weekly post about the rediscovery of said cookery books.

All went well for a few weeks. And then I found myself floundering. The reasons for this flounderation were quite simple: I got busy. Too busy, certainly, for a twice-weekly commitment.

The first source of busyness is the ‘day job’, waving my arms around in front of musicians in the hope that music will miraculously occur. And now, all of a sudden, there’s the other ‘day job’ – namely finding myself with two books to write in the next fifteen months.

All good news, of course, but a bit of a bummer for the old twice-weekly blogging commitment.

I kicked myself, then told myself not to give me such a hard time, then gave myself a stern talking-to for being so soft on me, then had a word with myself for being such an overly strict boss, then reported me to myself for harassment in the workplace, and then found myself in front of a self-appointed work tribunal…

I tell you, being self-employed is really confusing sometimes.

Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve missed a couple of weeks recently and the Random Recipe Adventure has gone completely by the board, but I promise I will try to do better. And this post, dull though it is, does mean that at least I’ve fulfilled my contract for this week.

Must do better. See me afterwards.

By way of compensation, have a picture of water droplets on an autumn leaf. You’re welcome.

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