What I Did in the Holidays

I was a lazy child. So lazy, in fact, that in other circumstances I might have had a scale of laziness named after me, against which other, less indolent children could be measured. Exhibit A: Holiday Diary, 1975. You know the drill, I’m sure. They weren’t obligatory, but a prize of some sort was no … Continue reading What I Did in the Holidays


RaRA, Week 7

2018 will in future be known as the year of the Great West Norwood Cookbook Cull. But which books to get rid of, and which to keep? The Random Recipe Adventure will help us decide (you can read a bit more about the premise here). Each week, a book will be taken from the shelves, … Continue reading RaRA, Week 7

Bad Donald

He’s always been there, ever since I can remember. Chipping in with helpful comments, just when they’re most needed. What kind of a beginning to a blog post is that? Shush. For a long time I called him Internal Judging Voice. He’s irritating, has nothing useful to say, and I wish he’d go away. So … Continue reading Bad Donald