Look! Look! It’s a Book!

A new book featuring seven rarely seen Dr. Seuss stories will be published in the autumn.

Look! Look!

It’s a book!

A book with a hook!

A book that is new –

I’m excited. Aren’t you?

What a ruse!

They can’t lose!

It’s wonderful news!

There’ll be four-mile long queues

For the new Dr. Seuss.

I know, I know,

That rhyme was a crime.

A rhyme crime sublime,

And not worth a dime.

Seuss doesn’t rhyme with news, ruse, or lose,

Or, come to think of it, shoes, moose, or goose.

But just have a think,

A rinky-dink think,

And picture a picture with swathes of pink ink:

A moose and a goose wearing shoes in a noose;

The goose has around it a loose-fit papoose;

The moose has a bowl full of rich choc’late mousse.

A moose scene.

A goose scene.

A moose goose papoose scene.

A loose goose papoose, moose and chocolate mousse scene.

In short, it’s a typical weird Dr. Seuss scene.

You’ve guessed it:

I’ve lost it.

It just goes to show

How incredibly hard it is to write in an economical rhyming style while maintaining a sing-song rhythm, don’t you know?

Oh well.

What the hell.

I could go on all day.

“All day, did you say?

No! No! Go away!”