Fringe benefits

The week has passed, cheering Mo Farah to the rafters, but keeping just enough breath in its lungs to propel a hearty boo towards Justin Gatlin. I have decamped to Edinburgh, where I will spend the next week waving my arms at these people in the hope that coherent sounds will appear. On the basis … Continue reading Fringe benefits


Changing The Past

The week has passed, each day doggedly following the previous one, as if determined to thwart my dream of making a viable time machine. Thoughts of time travel were prompted by the appearance of this tweet: (It's actually a couple of weeks old, but as this post is about time travel you'll no doubt … Continue reading Changing The Past

The Big Yin

Thank you for attending the Billy Connolly event at Hammersmith Apollo. Please take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire: How satisfied were you with the booking experience? A. Very satisfied. B. Somewhat satisfied. C. Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. D. We're beginning to think we should have used an easier word to say repeatedly … Continue reading The Big Yin