Having a moment

I had a bit of a moment this week. Three, in fact. I’d been to Barnes to look for a bittern – an endeavour, by the way, that thirty years ago would have elicited a mocking guffaw from any right-minded birder. Back then, the site of my quest was nothing but a cluster of disused … Continue reading Having a moment


The Sound of Silence

The week has passed noisily. Mahler, Shostakovich, life. I am on a bus. The woman next to me is, inevitably, on the phone. I listen. I have no choice. After five minutes, shaken by the intimate details she has shared exclusively with her friend and the rest of the known universe, I’ve decided to hate … Continue reading The Sound of Silence

Fringe benefits

The week has passed, cheering Mo Farah to the rafters, but keeping just enough breath in its lungs to propel a hearty boo towards Justin Gatlin. I have decamped to Edinburgh, where I will spend the next week waving my arms at these people in the hope that coherent sounds will appear. On the basis … Continue reading Fringe benefits