What I Did in the Holidays

I was a lazy child. So lazy, in fact, that in other circumstances I might have had a scale of laziness named after me, against which other, less indolent children could be measured. Exhibit A: Holiday Diary, 1975. You know the drill, I’m sure. They weren’t obligatory, but a prize of some sort was no … Continue reading What I Did in the Holidays


Moomin’ fantastic

I was a Peanuts child, am a Peanuts adult. I loved other things, of course, a lot of them pictorial. Asterix, Tintin, Winnie-the-Pooh. Dr. Seuss, Heath Robinson, Wacky Races. But Peanuts reigned. Here's an early one, already capturing the undertow of melancholy, the ability to see the other point of view, that I think spoke … Continue reading Moomin’ fantastic

Happy New Year

The year has passed; the year has begun. Long live the year! I try not to succumb to the New Year’s Resolution, that bullying, anxiety-inducing waste of time, energy and emotion. Do I want to bathe in rampant self-loathing come its inevitable demise a few minutes/hours/days/weeks/months (delete as appropriate) into the year? I do not. … Continue reading Happy New Year