There are those who are born to dabble, and those who are not. Firmly in the latter category sat my father, who died 28 years ago today. (28 years – bloody hell. 28 years before that the shower scene in Psycho was filmed; 28 years before that, give or take, Al Capone was sent to … Continue reading Dabbling


Olivia, Freya, Tom, Holly, Willoughby, Phoebe, Laura, David, Leah, William, Katy, Dovydas and Niall. Remember the names. I will. I get to work with all kinds of musicians. It's one of the perks of the conductor's job. But this Saturday promises to be a bit special. Because this Saturday I get to work with Olivia, Freya, … Continue reading HemiHelp

One Fine Day

Hello. You don’t know me. Well, you do. But you mostly ignore me. I’m November 25th. Pleased to meet you. You probably know my brother, Chris (aka December 25th, although he doesn’t go for the formal nomenclature all that much). He’s very popular. Loud. Gaudy. Life And Soul Of The Party. I’m more the quiet … Continue reading One Fine Day