The Omerta of the Woosters

October 15th is the birthday of P. G. Wodehouse and Mario Puzo. ********** I sat on the chaise longue, idly toying with my new iPhone 5. "I say, Jeeves!" "Sir?" "Have you seen one of these yet?" "I have been made aware of them by the relentless efforts of the advertising media, sir." "Well it's … Continue reading The Omerta of the Woosters


The Night After Christmas

One for the kids, although you may have to explain what 'stertorous' means. ********** ‘Twas the night after Christmas and Santa was weary - Arms and legs aching, and eyes feeling bleary. He sat in his armchair, mince pie on his belly, And watched an old Marx Brothers film on the telly. Just when he’d … Continue reading The Night After Christmas