Practically perfect in every way

Perfection is subjective. This thought occurred to me at about 9.21 on Friday evening. We were at the National Theatre’s production of Follies, and the opening bars of Losing My Mind were seeping into my ears. I’d geared myself up for it. It’s a song that without fail makes me cry. You have those songs, … Continue reading Practically perfect in every way


Define ‘interesting’

It’s the most harmless of questions. Or so you’d think. ‘Seen anything interesting?’ I’ve clocked him a mile off. It’s a long path leading from the sea wall back to the car park, and his silhouette has gradually taken human form over the last five minutes. I’d hoped it would be a pleasantly solitary trudge. … Continue reading Define ‘interesting’

Go Mo! Oh no.

The week has passed athletically, for athletes at least. Winners won, losers lost, and no matter how much a nation jumped and shouted, Mo Farah couldn’t haul himself over the line in front of the others just one more time. To many, that final silver will be a blemish on his long record of unremitting … Continue reading Go Mo! Oh no.