First take your Sangakkara

The week has passed Septemberily, arguing fiercely with itself about whether it should turn the heating on. Yes, it’s autumn, so here’s a recipe for a really fantastic apple sauce. You will need: Kumar Sangakkara Two spoonbills and a great white egret A hard-working and diligent spouse A metric fucktonne of apples (ok, let’s say … Continue reading First take your Sangakkara


Go Mo! Oh no.

The week has passed athletically, for athletes at least. Winners won, losers lost, and no matter how much a nation jumped and shouted, Mo Farah couldn’t haul himself over the line in front of the others just one more time. To many, that final silver will be a blemish on his long record of unremitting … Continue reading Go Mo! Oh no.

Fringe benefits

The week has passed, cheering Mo Farah to the rafters, but keeping just enough breath in its lungs to propel a hearty boo towards Justin Gatlin. I have decamped to Edinburgh, where I will spend the next week waving my arms at these people in the hope that coherent sounds will appear. On the basis … Continue reading Fringe benefits