Monthly Stuff


Hello. Lev Parikian here. I’m a musician and writer.

As I go about my business I get questions. ‘Why don’t you tell me when your concerts are?’, ‘How’s the book coming along?’, and ‘What the hell are you doing?’ (this one most usually in the context of an orchestral rehearsal, but it has also been shouted at me on the South Circular).

So it seems there are people out there who are interested in my goings-on and would like to be kept abreast. And quite often, in the middle of a concert, I realise ‘Dammit, I should have told people about this.’

So far so good.

But it also occurs to me that these same people might be interested in the goings-on of some of my friends and colleagues. I meet a lot of talented people, in real life and online. Musicians (mostly), writers, artists, comedians, actors, dancers, film-makers, ceramicists, cooks, bakers, goose-botherers and so on. Many of them enrich my life on a daily basis – others less regularly. But they’re all, regardless of the size of their existing audience, deserving of a wider one.

So I send out a monthly email with details of my stuff, other people’s stuff, random stuff I think people will enjoy, and a piece of my own writing as a little bonus.

If I were inclined to use such words, I’d describe it as ‘curating quality content’ or some such guff, but really it’s just a way of sharing stuff in a more organised way than the usual social media channels, where stuff gets lost. So for want of a better term, I call it ‘Monthly Stuff’.

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